Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better Served When Cold?!?

When I started this blog, I told myself that it will be purely for recipes that I try and modify. But, after my experience with a restaurant last night, I changed my mind. I felt that it best to share my experience in a new resto that my family and I tried. 

When we arrived at SM Megamall, one restaurant caught my eye, especially since we love trying out new restos. 

Cajun Red Rock, it sounded interesting right? So, we decided that we will have our dinner there. 

We checked out the menu and they have an array of mouthwatering dishes. Soon enough, we have our orders ready and we called the Waiter. Upon giving our appetizer orders, the Waiter said he will just place our appetizer orders and come back for our main course orders (this despite the fact that we could have submitted our whole order already). Ok, we can let that pass right? 

Finally, they started serving the food. My brother's Chef Tony's Favorite Chops came first. He started eating it. Since I was curious how it tasted, I asked for a small slice. When I tasted the food, I noticed that the food was not hot. It was not warm at all. And I asked my brother if it was just the piece that he gave me. He said "No. The food really isn't hot nor warm." Then came my mom's order. She had a taste and also commented that the food was not hot nor warm. We complained to the Waiter that the food was not warm at all and the Waiter told us, "Ah..malamig kasi talaga yung sauce" (Oh, the sauce is really cold) However, we, being intelligent customers do know the difference between sauce that is not hot/ warm and food that is not hot/ warm. Even thought the sauce is cold, you will still taste the hotness or the warmness of the meat. But with our orders, there was not a trace of the hot entree. So, we requested that they heat the food. And heat they did. They placed the whole plate into the oven (that is my guess coz the plate was hot but the food not too much), and came back to us with food that is slightly hotter than what they served previously. When i say slightly, I really mean that... Shaking our heads, we ate the food anyway. Lastly, my other brother's order came and it was the same banana. The sidings were admittedly hot but the meat was not. Now the question is, are Cajun Red Rock's food really served better when cold?

A truly disappointing experience.


  1. I know what you mean about cold food! I hate it when that happens.

    Reminds me of the time we were at Subic and Robert ate his pride for lunch coz his food came late and was cold! hahaha! Memories.

  2. What a shame! Maybe I'll try it some time soon and see how they fare with my order. ;)

    Thanks for the review! xx

  3. i by-passed this when i was looking for a place to lunch because i remembered your review. hehe.